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Followspot Operating Tips
Despite what many people believe, running a followspot is one of the trickier tech jobs in a theatre.  Operating one isn’t just a matter of making [...]
Mix by Ear, Not by Number
When you’re rehearsing a show, it’s important to write down sound levels. That way when you bring a sound or microphone in, the level [...]
Sound Operator: Hear What the Audience Hears
When running sound for a production, it’s important that the mix you hear is as close to what the audience experiences as possible. That’s not [...]
What is a DI Box For?
A DI box is a handy device to have in your audio toolbox, but what does it do, and when should you use it? “DI” stands for Direct Injection (or [...]
McCandless Method Front Light Warm and Cool
What Is the McCandless Method?
Stanley McCandless is considered by many to be the father of lighting design.  Even though lighting technology has come a long way since he developed his [...]
Find the Circuit Breakers Before the Show Starts
You’ve probably had it happen to you, and if you haven’t, you will.  You’re watching the stage during a performance of your show, when [...]
Why You Should Call Shows From The Booth
In many theatres, the stage manager calling the show is running things from backstage.  There is often a stage manager’s station in the wings with a [...]
Don’t Buy the Cheap Batteries For Your Wireless Microphones
It’s tempting to buy cheap batteries for your wireless microphones. After all, why spend extra money on something that you’re just going to use [...]
Hide a Copy of Your Light Shows
The great thing about modern light boards is that they have non-volatile memory; turn the board off, and your show will still be in its memory next time [...]