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After School Tech Club is a place to learn about tech for educational, youth and community theatre.  We will cover a wide variety of topics, including:


The site was created for students, technicians, teachers and administrators alike.


Learn tips and tricks for the technical end of putting on a production.  Maybe your drama teachers or technical directors are very versed in tech, or maybe they just hand you the keys to the booth and tell you to figure it out.  Either way, you should find some helpful info here.


You are probably very busy trying to run a program and work with actors.  This site is designed to be a good resource for both you and your students.  Article comments are open, but they are moderated and anything inappropriate will be modified or deleted.

If you’d like to see something covered that isn’t here already, or need clarification on an existing article, just ask!


About the Author

Scott Rise - AuthorScott Rise has been doing technical theatre for over 25 years.  During that time, he’s worked for numerous theatres and schools in the Seattle area, and has served as technical director for a few.

When he’s not busy with a show, Scott designs products for the entertainment and electronic music industry.

Scott enjoys teaching his craft and helping others learn, which lead to the creation of this site.  He can be reached at